Hercules-R SOLAR SYSTEMS 1.25"

The Hercules Solar system is designed to replace the standard diagonal at the rear end of your Refractor telescope. Unlike front mounted filters the Wedge transmits a safe level of full spectrum light providing true reg light views.

The Hercules Solar system contains control the amount of light into the aperture, dual lenses filter system, the prism system, cooling system . The heat is allowed to pass thru the prism and is directed to the rear end of the prism .The fins act to pull cooler air thru the rear part of the system as the heat sink heats up. This convection will keep the heat sink from getting too hot.

Additional Information Refractor use only
Eyepiece Barrel Size 1.25"
Filter(s) ND3 and Custom red filter pre-installed
Optical Design Red light solar prism
Star Diagonal 35MM prism
Warranty 1 year