Hercules electric focusing

supports ascom protocol, and common software such as skyx, SGP, MDL, foucusmax supports calling

USB2.0 data communication interface, supporting ascom, various shooting software can be applied;

Power interface, DC 12V 5.5mm x 2.1mm;

Integrated electric handle controller, built-in temperature sensor.


Focusing mode: it supports mobile phone and computer focusing, and both support manual and automatic focusing.


Hardware: universal fixed bracket, supporting the focusing seats of Cinda's niupan, Ruixing, Yuzhong, xingtelang's niupan and refraction, and 95% of the focusing support on the market. Some models can be customized.


Product features:

Highly integrated dispatching products


Accurate focus for deep space and planetary photography


Support for ascom platform and third-party software compatible with ascom


Commonly used software, such as skyx, SGP, MDL, foucusmax, supports calling


Auto focus support


Support handle and manual focus


This product is a drive free device, plug and play (if you connect through ascom, you need to install ascom driver and USB driver)


Stable and durable products


Product dimensions are shown in the illustration.


Product weight (motor plus bracket and controller): About 500g


Model of conventional focusing seat

Xinda: niutrans series, black diamond series, DOB series, Ma Niu and other focusing seats.


Sharp Star: all series focus


Yuzhong: full series focusing seat


German TS refraction focusing seat, Astro tech focusing seat, GSO, feather focusing seat, etc


More focussing seat interfaces can be customized